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Hacked by Thanos Fz - Hacked by Thanos Fz

Hacked by Thanos Fz

Hacked by Thanos Fz



The association est-ce une bonne nouvelle (word to word "is it a good news") was created in 2002 by Veronique and Christian Barani, and Sabine Massenet (who leaved in 2007).
In order to open creation to a large public, and to show the very large diversity of the contemporary videoart.

est-ce une bonne nouvelle, as a group, defends an autonomous broadcast of video works facing the powerful art market and television. In a word, the group broadcast important video artists (well-known or not so) in spaces which are not formaly dedicated to (but which can be, in a lot of cases). Video is, from the beginning, an autonomous and free media All kind of creators deal with and works in an infinite diversity of positions.
est-ce une bonne nouvelle broadcasts those videomakers-producers and also artists, each one of them working in a singular context est-ce une bonne nouvelle works with a collection, which grows and changes according to new contacts and meetings.
Each new video integrating the collection modifies its equilibrium, and enlarges the way we want to defend the position of video. Within the framework of different contexts of spaces and spectators. We are careful to show the works of artists in echo of history of art as well as with the different forms of diffusion we meet. Otherwise, est-ce une bonne nouvelle makes the collection visible for critics and researchers to open the horizon of video art.

Speaking about the collection, a moral contract links est-ce une bonne nouvelle with the artist it broadcasts. the works still are the property of the artist, est-ce une bonne nouvelle doesn’t own them, its aims are only to broadcast and exhibit them.

est-ce une bonne nouvelle is also producer and curator, and had realized for the renovation of the house where the french poet Arthur Rimbaud lived a production of sound and video pieces which are now part of the permanent exhibition of "La Maison des Ailleurs, Arthur Rimbaud", the reniewed place where Rimbaud lived, for a time, in Charleville-Mézières (borderly East of France)

All the active members of the association est-ce une bonne nouvelle are volunteers, and for the moment, the group is self-granted.


Jacques-François Marchandise
managing director

Véronique Barani
producing director


Emmanuel Adely

Christian Barani

Edson Barrus

yann beauvais
artist - Light Cone et Scratch co-founding member

frédéric dumond

Françoise Parfait
artist, lecturer and essayist


Alex Pou

Madeleine Van Doren
speaker at Studio National des Arts Contemporains Le Fresnoy


est-ce une bonne nouvelle
4 impasse Delaunay
75011 Paris France


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